Monday, August 26, 2013

Love of Children

Tired in a day's work
Body felt heavy
Head and muscles ached
Wanting to rest 
As deemed fit.

As parental obligations
No muses
No excuses
Just get up
and be full of grace.

Just the thought of them
Needing you
Everything seemed alright
Even if actually
It is not so.

For there is nothing
As heavy and big
Than the love of parents
To their kids.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy In Life, Happier In Love

IT did not began like other people in-love had;
It was in fact a whirlwind courtship;
that was not even answered with a "yes".

Persistence and perseverance triumphed;
A hardy heart that thought to live a life of blessedness.

Thought it will be a long struggle to be happy;
and even wondered if
It would even be;

Stood by through thick and thin;
Patience and compromise
keeps it still and strong;
Against the tide of trials and challenges.

Contemplation is done;
to make sure it's love not pity;
Then gave assurance.

Began to feel the happiness in Life;
Now that it feels
Happier in Love.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Your Temporary Abode

You all noticed
that my tummy is sag and ugly;
Wished it is like the others
you saw;
Smooth and firm.

I don't care.
This sag and ugly tummy
has been your abode for nine months;
Until you are prepared to
get out of this world.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All souls day

November 2 - the Filipinos are celebrating the all soul's day.  People go to the cemetery to light candles and say prayers for the love ones who already passed away.  This is the day that we commemorate the lives of the people that we once knew.  Well, of course, only the Catholics observed the all soul's day.  Other religious sects do not believe that there is life after death and celebrating it is futile.

I got to talk with an office mate who happens to belong to another religion.  She told me that they will enjoy the holiday intended for the cemetery visiting and praying for the dead somewhere else because it is for them truly a holiday with nothing else to do.  They do not believe in praying for the dead because they do not believe that the living can still do something for the dead.  After death, there is nothing for the man who have ceased to live.  Hence, candle lighting or praying for them is no longer useful.  Praying for the living is helpful rather than praying for the dead.

I can see their point.  Yes, they may be right.  But, whatever you believe in, I think, is a good guide to live peacefully.  I remembered my Philosophy teacher said, " No matter what you believe in as long as you do good and avoid evil all will be well."

Friday, October 14, 2011

Blame it on the Rain

Been waiting for you to call;
Excited to tell stories with you;

Messaged me you're there;
Without hesitation you left
Under the rain;
I called.

You said you were rain soaked;
I tried to understand.
To know that
You're just as wet as I am.

You pretend to be
As I am
Ironically boiling in this stormy weather.

Who's to blame now?
Do we really need one?
To pass the blame?

Or I guess;
It is easier
For us to
Blame it on the rain.

Friday, July 22, 2011

long time no see

Hi all! It's quite a long time i haven't visited the bloggers world. It has been a kind of busy time for me. I just hope the busyness would be converted into something that I can use to spend, else, I would become a member of the "busy for nothing" people. Yay! Our ISO Certification audit is near. I've got so much to prepare. In my next blogs, I would jot what I've done to get prepared for the big day.  In the meantime, just want to scour my friends' posts. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Masterplan

While waiting for a colleague who transacts small loading business with me, thoughts popped-up while I was chewing my chicken steak.  I suddenly discern on "what ifs" that transpired from a conversation with my husband last night when we were having fun chatting with her high school classmates and perusing some photos including that of her ultimate crush in high school.

My husband is a relatively good man.  Well, of course he has his own weaknesses just like anybody else.  But that, too, is relative.  People view the same thing in many different ways because we see things as we are and not as how they really are.  I wanted to reiterate my colleague's favorite line, "The eyes cannot see what the mind does not know". In retrospect to mine, I see him as good. 

Going back to the thought, I asked myself, what if my husband pursued his interest to his crush and married her before we met? He had told me long ago about  his crush that she is intelligent, humble, refined, and of course, beautiful. And as I got the chance to see her pictures on line and read some comments from their high school friends, I could really see that his description of her was true.  And I believe that they could have been a good couple.

I am not jealous. I am open-minded and kind of liberated.  I believe everything will be alright as long as we will be honest to ourselves and to our partners.  We can always come up with a win-win agreements and help each other out if we keep our cool and have time to sit and talk sincerely about the situation.  As of now, I am still open for any possibilities of anything, at least.

Thinking that way does not mean that I regret having married to my husband nor did I want to separate from him.  It's just that, if he could have married his crush, I could also have been married to my desire to serve other people in need by being a nun.  When I was in college, I thought I heard the calling. I thought God called me to serve Him by serving others through a congregation as an instrument to be able to reach out to the less fortunate. But, all of a sudden, a man, so persistent, came in.  It was a whirlwind love affair, if it can be called one because I did not say yes to him...not until we were in the altar uttering our vows in front of many people and God.  Being married, my desire to help others would remain a wish..not unless we will have a turn-around in our financial situation.  I've got to think of my children first before anyone else. They still have a very long way to go. When I see some people needing help, all I could do is murmur a prayer to God to bless them. I am helpless, that's all I can afford.  

As time passed and my cellphone rang, it was my colleague and I came to my senses.  Then I wanted to complete the reflection and just comfort myself with the thought that, maybe, it's just that I did not comprehend God's masterplan.  I hope that later, I will know why He puts me where I am now because I believe that nothing is just mere coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and His will be done.  In His time, I might be able to discern about it.

God Bless Us All!